About the Centre for Quantum Engineering

CQE relies on the strong expertise of the Aalto University research teams in the field of quantum engineering. The Centre builds on the vigorous interplay between groundbreaking research and in-house development of unique instrumentation and analytical tools.

Background and motivation

Research in the field of quantum engineering is a successful tradition at Aalto. The first research groups were established in the early 1960s (as TKK), and since then, research and infrastructures have evolved. Today, the quantum engineering research at Aalto University is recognized worldwide for its pioneering work, especially in condensed matter physics and nanoscale quantum electronic devices.

The activity of this new Centre grows from the important existing research directions, which include superconducting and carbon-based quantum nanoelectronics and devices, quantum optomechanics, quantum metrology, quantum thermodynamics, topological matter, theory and applications of cold atomic gases, plasmonics, quantum optics, spintronics, scanning probe microscopy applications, semiconducting nanodevices, and computational device physics.


CQE is a flexible scientific initiative bringing together the quantum engineering research efforts at Aalto University. CQE enhances thematic collaboration between groups in the field at Aalto, both with industry and with international associates in basic science and applications. Its successes rely strongly on four principles:

  • careful selection of projects
  • unique technology, methods, and infrastructures
  • proper attention to practical applications and patents, and
  • teaming up with the best international and local partners

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