Research in the field of quantum engineering has a long and successful tradition at Aalto. Our research is recognized world-wide for pioneering work especially in condensed matter physics and nanoscale quantum electronic devices.

The research activity of CQE grows from the important existing research directions, which include superconducting and carbon based quantum nanoelectronics and devices, quantum optomechanics, quantum metrology, quantum thermodynamics, topological matter, theory and applications of cold atomic gases, plasmonics, quantum optics, spintronics, scanning probe microscopy applications, semiconducting nanodevices, and computational device physics.

Our quantum engineering research has made prominent impact by leading to several academic spinoffs and even international success stories. Aivon, Asqella, BlueFors Cryogenics, Canatu, Elekta Neuromag, IntelliSense, MuRata Electronics (MEMS), and Okmetic – to mention a few – are indisputable record of the strong and enthusiastic research taking place at CQE.

With our concentrated efforts in this highly relevant field, we aim at multiplying our impacts in application areas where the local tradition is strong or possess high emerging potential. 

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