Aalto University offers courses aimed at producing the best future quantum engineers. Below, find a list of courses ordered by School that support this target.

This is not a definitive list, however, it provides an overview of the breadth and depth of expertise at Aalto. If you have questions about admissions, please contact admissions [at] aalto [dot] fi or visit Aalto Study Options


  • ELEC-C3220 - (Kvantti-ilmiöt) Quantum phenomena
    Bachelor's level course on basics of quantum mechanics.
  • ELEC-E3280 - Micronova Laboratory Course
    Master's level laboratory works within micro and nanotechnology, introduction to the characterization methods and nanofabrication equipment available in the Micronova nanofabrication center of the national OtaNano research infrastructure.
  • ELEC-E3230 - Nanotechnology
    Master's level course on multidisciplinary nanoscience and nanotechnology including brief introduction to key topics such as nanolithography, self-assembly, scanning probe microscopy, nanocarbons, semiconductor quantum dots and nanowires, molecular electronics, single electron devices, quantum computing, magnetoresistance, NEMS, semiconductor and organic optoelectronic nanostructures, photonic crystals, biomimetic nanostructures and nanofluidics.
  • ELEC- E3240 - Photonics
    Master's level course on photonic materials, structures, and device fabrication technologies, integrated optics and photonics, and their applications (e.g., optical data- and telecommunications and sensors).
  • ELEC-L7100 – Quantum Error Correction
    Doctorate level seminar on theoretical framework, constructions and properties of quantum codes.


  • PHYS-C0210 - Quantum mechanics
    Bachelor's level course on basics of quantum mechanics. Lectured annually by Dr. Jani-Petri Martikainen.
  • PHYS-E0411 - Advanced Physics Laboratory
    Master's level laboratory course on measurements of various physical phenomena and analysis of the obtained results. Experimental and computational laboratory projects support and complement the Master's level lecture courses in (quantum) physics.
  • PHYS-E0414 - Advanced Quantum Mechanics
    Master's level course on dirac and matrix formalism, spins and angular momenta, particle in a magnetic field, entanglement, EPR paradox, pure and mixed states, time-independent perturbation theory, introduction to many-particle formalism and second quantization.
  • PHYS-E0415 - Statistical Mechanics

    Master's level course on equilibrium and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics. In addition, current research topics in statistical mechanics are discussed.

  • PHYS-E0416 - Quantum Physics
    Master's level course on time-dependent perturbation theory, interaction of a two-level system with a (quantized) field, basics of the many-body formalism, quantum coherence in modern physics: quantum information, Bose-Einstein and Fermi condensates, quantum phase transitions.
  • PHYS-E0417 - Experimental Methods in Physics
    Master's level course on methods, practices and data processing needed in experimental physics research. Topics include common sensors, amplifiers, filters, measurement systems, vacuum technology, thermometry and computer-aided experiments and data analysis.
  • PHYS-E0418 - Advanced Statistical Physics
    Master's level course on thermodynamic theory of phase transitions. Microscopic theory of phase transitions. Transfer matrix, low temperature expansion and mean-field techniques for solving the partition function. Microscopic models, including the Ising, Potts, Clock, xy and spin glass models. Computational complexity and spin glasses. Thermodynamics of fluids and correlation functions. Landau theory and phase-field models, including the phase-field crystal model. Anomalous dimensions. The renormalization group. Introduction to stochastic thermodynamics.
  • PHYS-E0421 - Solid-State Physics
    Master's level course on selected topics in materials physics: physics of semiconductors, lattice defects, dielectric properties of solids, magnetism, superconductivity.
  • PHYS-E0424 - Nanophysics
    Master's level course on current topics in nanophysics including, nanostructure fabrication techniques (lithography/self-organization), physics of fullerenes and nanotubes, low-dimensional semiconductor systems, nanoelectronics, nanomagnetism, and spintronics.
  • PHYS-E0551 - ​Low Temperature Physics V
    Advanced Master's/Graduate level course on most important experimental and theoretical methods in nanoelectronics. The course introduces some of the devices that are studied and operated  in mesoscopic and low-temperature physics as well as the theoretical tools to describe them.

    Basics of Cryoengineering
    Advanced Master's/Graduate level course on the diverse field of experimental low temperature physics, providing guidelines to:
    - operate modern refrigerators
    - design a working cryostat
    - construct successful experiments for work at mK temperatures

    Theory of Superconductivity

    Advanced Master's/Graduate level course on the theory of superconductivity. The course prepares the students to the present-day research in condensed matter physics and nanotechnology, for which understanding superconductivity is indispensable.

  • PHYS-E0541 - Special Course in Physics V:
    Experimental methods in Low Temperature Nanophysics
    (not lectured on continuous basis)
    Advanced Master's/Graduate level seminar bringing together the expertize in Aalto in the area of low temperature nanophysics, quantum engineering, nanomagnetism and related fields. The course gives a practical introduction to the relevant equipment at the national OtaNano infrastructure on Aalto campus, an provides capabilities to perform high-resolution experiments on state-of-the-art samples.

    Quantum Technologies
  • PHYS-E0542 - Special Course in Theoretical Physics V
    Quantum Field Theory in One Dimension
    Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics


  • Quantum Information Processing (Autumn 2017) - Patrick Östergård

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